The use of dental implants has become one of the most predictable and best ways to replace missing teeth in modern dentistry. Dental implants are made from sterile titanium based materials, called the implant fixture. The fixture is the foundations upon which the tooth-shaped crowns and bridges are later attached

  • Careful implant surgery is highly predictable and relatively painless.

  • Our clinic specialises in only the placing these highly technical dental implant fixtures. We do not make the crown and/or bridge which subsequently attaches to the implant fixture in the bone.

  • We are principally a referral based practice but some patients come to us for a second opinion without the need for any referral from a dentist or doctor. Generally patients are referred to us to have the implants placed by their general dentists or specialist dentists in other specialities.

    Once the implants have successfully integrated in the jaw bone you are returned to your respective referring dentist or dental specialist to finalise the final stage of treatment.

  • Our role in implant work is to provide a sound foundation on which crowns and bridges can be screwed or cemented. The success rate of surgery to place the implant fixture is around 97% and of these 92% still fully functional after 20 years use. These rates of success are excellent and pain from the surgery is absolutely minimal in nearly every case.

  • Dental implant placements are performed as a surgical procedure, under surgical guidelines and standards. Similar to an extraction procedure, it is done under a local anaesthesia.

    Nearly every case has minimal post-surgery pain or swelling. Our success rate after surgery in the bottom jaw is 99% integrate with the bone and the top jaw 97%.

  • There are scenarios where bone and/or gum grafting are required as part of the implant placement process. This would be discussed with you on a case to case basis.